Organised Latte

Organised Latte

Upgrade your coffee game with this nourishing Organised Latte recipe. Packed with wholesome ingredients and bursting with flavour, it's the perfect way to kickstart your day on a high note. Plus, we'll share tips on optimising your coffee routine for maximum enjoyment and wellness benefits.


  • 1 tsp Ghee
  • 1 tbsp. Organised
  • 100-200ml whole raw milk, frothed if desired (cream can be used as a substitute)
  • Optional: Rosemary for garnish
  • 2 shots espresso (or 120ml filter coffee)


  1. Start by brewing two shots of espresso or 120ml of your favourite coffee. Choose high-quality organic beans.
  2. In a mug, combine the Ghee and Organised.
  3. Pour the freshly brewed coffee over the Organised and Ghee mixture in the mug.
  4. Stir the coffee mixture until the Organised and Ghee are fully incorporated and dissolved.
  5. If desired, froth your whole raw milk using a milk frother or steam wand until it's nice and foamy.
  6. Pour the frothed milk over the coffee mixture in the mug.
  7. For an extra touch of elegance, garnish your latte with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Optimizing Your Coffee Routine:

  • Caffeine intake: Aim to consume your caffeine within the first hour of waking up to align with your body's natural cortisol levels and optimise its effects. This can help enhance alertness and focus throughout the morning.
  • Choose quality coffee: Selecting high-quality, organic coffee beans ensures a rich and flavourful brew while minimising exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
  • Hydration: Start your day by hydrating your body with water enriched with minerals and natural electrolytes, such as Celtic sea salt. These essential nutrients support hydration and cellular function, ensuring optimal performance throughout the day.
  • Use filtered water: When brewing your coffee, opt for filtered water instead of tap water. Tap water may contain chemicals and heavy metals that can alter the taste of your coffee and potentially impact your health over time. Filtered water ensures a purer brew, free from unwanted contaminants.
  • Avoid late in the day: Refrain from consuming caffeinated beverages within the last 10 hours of your day to avoid disrupting your sleep architecture and circadian rhythms. Caffeine has a half-life of approximately 6 hours, meaning it can linger in your system and interfere with your ability to fall asleep and experience restorative sleep cycles.

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