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Find local farms nearby selling the highest quality raw milk, grass-fed meat, raw honey and organic, seasonal fruit & veg. All listings are Organised Certified!

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Nutrient Dense

From raw milk to grass-fed meat to raw honey, find all of the best produce in your area at your fingertips.

Support Local

Connect and support local farms near you. Move away from the global supermarket chain.

Organised Certified

Certified by our team of experts to ensure every listing meets our high standards.

How it works


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Explore our database of the best farms all across the UK.


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Discover and support local farms based on your current location.


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See what each farm has to offer and filter what you're looking for.


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Order online directly from the farm's website or get directions and buy in-person.

Revitalising Local Farms

The current food system is unsustainable, dominated by large food chains that rely on practices harmful to our health and the environment.

We're dedicated to revolutionising this system by connecting people to local farms. Our goal is to help communities access the freshest, highest quality produce directly from the source, including raw milk, raw honey, grass-fed meat, and local, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

By supporting local farmers markets and farms, we encourage a move away from industrial food production that uses pesticides, GMOs, and hormones, depleting soil quality and nutrient content.

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Revitalising Local Farms

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